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FTP Password issue on Openvix 4.1

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  • FTP Password issue on Openvix 4.1

    I cannot seem to ftp into my Cloud ibox 3 after installing openvix 4.1. There appears to be a password issue.
    I assumed it was user:root password(blank)
    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    You are not alone. It is not a password issue at all. If you look in setup/system/network/ftp setup you will likely find that the FTP status is stopped and it wont let you start it. This means you cant connect using ftp! I do not know what the fix is but until someone patches it or they update the version i think were stuck!


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      They have just released Openvix 4.2 and it has the same issue.


      • tomb36
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        please read my comment below

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      This happened to me too on 4.2. I couldn't resolve the FTP issue, but came up with a workaround which helped me get softcam configured on ibox 2 plus SE without using FTP to transfer a CCcam.cfg file. Until now this was the only method I had used in the past.

      This started when my box crashed and would not boot. I had no back-up image, and don't know if you can flash those to box or need to restore from within Vix in any case.

      Here's the steps I took...

      Standard steps (see multiple other threads for instructions on how to do these if unsure)

      1. confirmed that my box was not a clone
      2. downloaded latest Vix image (4.2.001) from
      3. extracted files and put /cloudix/ folder on 4GB USB stick formatted to FAT32
      4. Flashed the box with this
      5. waited half an hour, removed USB stick and power on - booted up fine thankfully
      6. followed Vix manual to install and set-up
      - scanning for channels
      - Autoboquets
      - Cross EPG (set this to save on another USB stick, not the one used for the flash image of course)
      - installed CCcam 2.3.0
      7. created CCcam.cfg file on my Windows laptop
      8. Opened Filezilla to transfer the file across to the /etc directory on the box. Here's where the problems started...

      FTP is enabled but STOPPED by default in Vix 4.2.001 and cannot be started. There's several posts commenting on this issue in Vix 4.1 and 4.2, but the solution, namely revert back to 4.0 wasn't available to me as I couldn't find Vix 4.0 image on for my box

      Here's the workaround I came up with. NOTE: this can take longer than flashing the box so if you can restore to earlier version I would recommend that.

      i) I enabled TELNET on my laptop (it's off by default) - just Google enable TELNET in [your Windows version]
      ii) confirmed I could use this to connect to my ibox - type 'o' then space then the IP address of your box
      iii) the following was displayed cloud-ibox-2-plus-se login: there's many threads commenting on default UN and PW for linux boxes. root worked for me
      iv) typed exit to disconnect, then shut down my box
      v) took the USB stick from the front of it that I use for saving EPG and media, and plugged that in my laptop. Windows won't recognise the file format and will suggest re-formatting. DON'T do this.
      vi) Installed EX2Fsd on my laptop - found via Google, this program allows Windows to recongise the USB stick format
      vii) I created a new folder on the USB called file under /media/
      viii) copied my CCcam.cfg file into this folder
      ix) ejected USB stick and put it back in the front of the ibox - powered on
      x) re-connected to the box using TELNET as described above
      xi) typed the following command cp /media/hdd/file/CCcam.cfg /etc this copied the file to the etc/ directory which I was attempting to do in step 8 above
      xii) Started CCcam 2.3.0 in the Vix menu and happy days! All working

      Hope this can help others until 4.2 is patched to solve FTP.


      • tomb36
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        Hi I have managed to get into the box with winscp software?
        ip address and port 22 host is home not root?
        you get a window come up to tell you whom wrote say flash and website it came from?
        but when you continue it then asks for password?
        this is where you cannot go any further unless you know what the password is?
        don't know if anyone does know what the password is?

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      Hi I am new to this site and am probably stating the obvious to most members?
      I had the problem with could not connect to box with Filezilla Client?
      But if you go on the box to Plugins and download Filebrower to your box ?
      this gives you a 2 panel tree of what is on your box i.e root directory?
      get a usb key and say add your Cccam.cfg to this?
      plug into box and open Filebrowser?
      on the remote press next to go to the right hand panel?
      scroll down to folder etc and open?
      press prev key on remote and open usb drive
      highlight the Cccam.cfg file
      press yellow button on remote and this will copy file to etc directory?
      your done?